Serving Missionaries Internationally Through Helps


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your home-base?

Our home church is located in Longmont, Colorado.


Do you have a house?

No, but we have a property in Longmont that we would love to build on some day.


Where do you stay when you do a project?

During short-term projects, we will stay wherever the pastor or missionary puts us -- in a travel trailer, in a prophet's chamber, or in someone's basement.  On our long term projects, we usually rent a house, sometimes with help from the church. 


Do you homeschool your kids?

Yes, Stephanie teaches our children while on the road, and they like it pretty well.


Does your family help you on the projects?

Yes!  The whole family travels together for the longer projects, and the kids are a big help.  Sometimes, for a one- or two-week project, Mike will go by himself.


Where do you keep your tools when you travel?

We have a cargo trailer that we haul tools, and luggage, and schoolbooks in.  Sometimes on foreign projects we have to rent or borrow tools.


Do you have to have a license?

Yes.  I have let most of my licenses expire because of not doing enough work in those counties.  There is a Federal amendment to the licensing law that says you don't have to have a license if you are doing work on a voluntary basis, so I don't have to carry one.  In some places, however, they make an amendment to that amendment that says that you do have to have a license anyway, so then I either have to get a license, or work under a contractor who does have a license for that place.


Where are you planning to go next?

Wherever God leads us.

Do you have a resume?

Click here to see Mike's qualifications.